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    How to Be a Thrift Queen

    Hello fellow thrift lovers! If you follow me on essentially any other social media platform, chances are you’ve seen me post about my love for thrifting at least once. I would honestly say approximately 65% of my wardrobe is thrifted haha.

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    7 Sunday Habits to Prep For the Week Ahead

    Happy Sunday beautiful babes! I hope this weekend has been treating you well. Today I wanted to chat with you guys about some tips that help me make the most of my Sunday and get ready for the week ahead. If I don’t spend a little time over the weekend taking care of myself and doing some prep work, the rest of the week is spent being frantic, scattered, cranky, and tired. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

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    My 7 June Beauty Favorites

    Hello again babes! Lately I have been really loving how both my skin and my makeup look. My skin has been clear and even, and it has been consistently for the last few months. TRULY AMAZING. As for my current makeup routine, I think it’s the perfect glowy, natural makeup look for summer. I’m about to spill what my 7 June beauty favorites are that have been making all of this possible!

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    Feeling Grateful

    “It’s just that seeing this all come full circle and thinking of young me who hoped and dreamed so hard, it just really gets me emotional. I feel so proud of myself, so grateful, and so happy of where and who I am today. I feel empowered to boldly say that I am a successful woman and I’m proud.”

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    5 Instagrammable Spots in London

    So much has happened in the last few months including my first trip to Europe! Let me just say, IT WAS AMAZING. The second place we visited on on Europe trip was London and it was truly so lovely. So for your next trip to London, I’m sharing 5 spots in London to get that perfect photo for Instagram.

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    Wedding Planning Update

    Wow. You guys- I just realized I’m getting married in just two months. Holy cannoli. I’m so unbelievably excited and also just a tad bit (tbh more than a tad bit) frazzled haha. Everyone keeps asking, “How’s the wedding planning going?” both online and off, so I thought I’d do a quick lil’ blog post!

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    25 Questions

    As my first official blog post, EVER, I wanted to do something fun, but also informative. A little get to know me, if you will. However, I didn’t want it to be essentially the same thing as my ‘About’ page, so here I am doing ’25 Questions’.