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7 Tips for A Healthy Relationship

One question I find many people asking me now that I’m married is, “What is the key to a good relationship?” I am definitely no expert by far, but I do have a lot to share about this topic. Today Im chatting you guys about my 7 tips for a healthy relationship.

I hate to break it to you guys, but once you get married, things don’t automatically become all happy sunshine and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong though- I love being married to my husband and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I just want you guys to know that marriage is the same as any other relationship where you have to work at every day.

1. Communication

This is my number one tip for a healthy, strong relationship. Honestly it is so essential. When you’re mad, say something. When something is bothering you, say something. When you’re feeling grateful, say something.
In addition to speaking up about your thoughts and feelings, it’s also so important to listen to your significant other and take action when they tell you about things they want or need from you.

For example, if your S/O says they want you to be on your phone less when you’re spending time together, really listen and try to understand why they feel the way they do. Take action (when it’s reasonable of course) and make change. Being open to listen and make change, shows that you care. Even if something doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, it could mean a lot to them. Always be honest with your feelings, with your goals, with your needs, and with each other.

2. Be Accountable

In any relationship ego is destructive. Have you ever been in a situation when it’s clearly the other person’s fault, but they just won’t take the blame? It’s incredibly frustrating, right? Now imagine that with your relationship- if someone can never take the blame or own up to say sorry. Overtime it really could be the death of your relationship. Learning to accept when it’s your fault goes hand in hand with maturity. If you’re having trouble admitting fault, try spending some time focusing on yourself to grow as a person. When you mess up, admit blame and say I’m sorry.

3. Be Their Rock

There is no better feeling in the world, than the feeling of support from my husband. The reassurance that he believes in my dreams, my goals, and most importantly me, feels so empowering and motivating. His support makes me want to be better for us. Likewise my husband thrives off of my support to him. When I encourage him and show that I believe in him, he is so much more driven and confident. Though offering support to someone is such a simple thing, it really goes so far.

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4. Don’t Be Controlling

Being controlling with someone will always push them away and create feelings of resentment. A controlling husband or wife puts strain on the relationship and pushes a person to lose their sense of self. So allow and encourage your significant other to be themselves and live their own life alongside yours. Remember you’re their partner, not their owner.

5. Faith

This is one that is particularly special to me and my husband. We are both Christians and that is something I do speak very openly about, especially knowing that many of you guys are also Christians (woo!).
Now this tip is not only intended for Christians, this tip goes for any faith- whatever you believe in, I respect it and I encourage you to explore that with your significant other. There is something so intimate about exploring your faith with your s/o. Your walls are down and you’re so vulnerable talking about your fears and your hopes, and then praying about them together.
Having faith as a key part of your relationship really brings you so close and allows you to have an even deeper understanding of each other.

6. Respect

No relationship should exist without a mutual respect for each other. Without respect there’s always going to be a power dynamic and someone is going is going to feel less than. If you don’t respect your partner or their feelings, they are always going to feel like their voice is not heard, like they don’t matter. Whether you agree with them or not, you should always respect their thoughts and feelings. A successful relationship should be 50/50 with each person putting equal effort and equal care forward.

7. Never Stop Dating

My final tip! Never stop dating. I received a DM recently asking how to keep a relationship alive, fun, and strong when you’ve been together for so long. This is my answer. Never stop making them feel special. Never stop doing the little things. Never stop flirting. It’s that stuff that keeps the relationship alive. Time and effort are what keeps a relationship strong.

jessica neistadt

My relationship isn’t perfect- no relationship is, but we work on keeping it healthy and strong every day and I’m proud of my marriage. I love my husband and I love conquering the world together.

* Also side note- I can’t believe in just 3 months my husband and I will be celebrating our ONE YEAR MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY??? I can’t believe it. My wedding feels like it just happened lol. Whattheheck.

Thank you babes so much for reading. If you have a tip to share about how you keep your relationship healthy and strong, please share it in the comment section!

Lots of love!



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